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Our exceptional repair services for your Deck, Patio, or Porch will turn your outdoor space into you and your family’s new go-to spot at home!

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Decks, porches, and patios add aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior. However, since they are installed outside, they are exposed to nature’s elements. Extreme sunlight, snow, and abundant rainfall can damage them. When this happens, National Deck Builders Baltimore can bring your outdoor area to its near-new condition.

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What Goes In To A Deck Repair or Replacement Project?

If you’re not sure where to start – no problem! Click on the links below to read about what we think you should know. 

Every deck, patio, or porch project is unique. But when it comes to repairs, or even full replacements, there are always common signs that your deck will be needing attention soon.  Even if you take great care of your deck, there is no escaping mother nature.  The elements will always do damage to your outdoor patio over the course of years and many summer/winter cycles.  

One thing you can do as a homeowner with a deck or patio is to keep a close eye out and regularly inspect all parts of your deck.  A quick inspection is usually all that is necessary to be able to tell if your deck is in good shape, or if you may need to call in an expert like National Deck Builders!

5 Signs That Your Wooden Deck Needs Repairs and/or Replacement

Furnishing your deck with accessories and decorating essentials improves its appearance. Wooden decks and patios add value to your home, but they are still susceptible to corrosion, cracks, and wear and tear. To protect your investment, it’s important to inspect your deck for these issues:

#1: Rot in the Wood

Wood rot is a leading cause of damage in decks and other parts of the house. If you spot even one spot of rot, go and inspect the entire deck before it ruins your home’s structural integrity.


To ensure safety, building code regulations require deck contractors to build outdoor structures on concrete footings. If your deck is older, its footing foundations may have been installed directly on the ground. This will cause your foundation to absorb moisture from the soil, causing wood decay. You can prevent this from happening through regular deck inspection every year.

#2: Deck Footings Heaving and Dropping

Designed to improve structural integrity, concrete footings are parts of your deck that support each post. When deck footings aren’t poured deep enough below the frost line, the concrete may crack or drop, and the deck will heave during the winter.


If your deck rises and drops every year, it might be better to have your structure checked by a professional. More often than not, your concrete deck footings are already damaged by the freeze/thaw cycles.

#3: Rotten Support Posts

Wooden and concrete deck footings are not safe from soil erosion. When water and snowmelt gather at the base of the support posts, your footings will wear away and break without warning.


Drainage issues around the home, slope change, and small landscaping projects like adding or removing planting beds are believed to cause soil erosion around the deck post. Before repairing your deck, make sure that you have addressed its root cause like water damage. 


Contact a drainage system specialist and a deck contractor when you’ve noticed these tell-tale signs. We are happy to help you out when the time comes!

#4: Cracking or Wobbling Deck Boards

A wobbling deck is one of the most obvious signs of deck damage. If your deck wobbles every time you walk across it, this might be due to cracked or splintered deck boards. Depending on the amount of deterioration, a deck repair contractor can either seal the cracks or completely replace damaged deck boards.


If you have a wooden deck at home, you can extend its lifespan through regular staining, painting, and sealing. Cracking and splitting of your wooden deck are inevitable since it gets constant exposure to moisture, heat, and other harsh elements.

#5: Loose Deck Railings and/or Steps

Do your railings shake when touched? A loose or unstable deck railing is a serious safety hazard that can cause your deck to fall and collapse. Don’t panic if you catch this issue since loose railings can be easily fixed and re-secured.


You can check the railings and go to the area where people tend to stay put. This might be the spot where you have the most unstable railings, so inspect if the railings and nails are still securely attached.

Unstable stairs are also a tell-tale sign.  Call National Deck Builders Baltimore if you are ready to repair your porch and make it safe for your family to enjoy. 

When is it Time for a Brick/Stone Patio Repair?

Brick patio problems due to improper installation by a homeowner or unskilled contractor are pretty common. Although you may think it can be a DIY project, brick patio repairs should be done by experts to avoid making the problem worse. 

At National Deck Builders Baltimore, we specialize in brick patio repair and installation. We leverage our knowledge and skills to identify the cause of the failure and fix the issue.

Common Signs  of Brick/Stone Patio Problems

  • Sunken or Wavy Surface
  • Rutting
  • Dipped, Low Spots
  • Brick Paver Separation
  • Sunken Edges
  • Rising Bricks and Edges
  • Loose or Rocking Bricks


Top Reasons Why Brick Patios Fail

There are many factors why brick patios fail, but one of which is due to the improperly installed base. If you want your outdoor living space to look beautiful, make sure you use the best materials. In a brick patio, retaining wall, or even concrete work, the base is the most important portion. We’ll list some specific reasons why Brick Patios can sometimes develop problems over time. 


  • Poorly Compacted Base
  • Wrong Base Material
  • Base Erosion
  • No or Poor Drainage
  • Inferior Brick Pavers
  • Poor Installation Technique
  • Lack of Paver Edging
  • Freeze/Thaw Cycle

Breaking Down the Cost of Patio Repair

Considering the labor required, brick patio repair is quite expensive. But don’t worry because it is still relatively cheaper than a new installation project since old materials can still be reused.

The actual cost will depend on scope, amount of damage, materials, and repair tasks needed. To get a free accurate estimate, contact National Deck Builders Baltimore, and we will evaluate your patio and give you a price range. Read on for more information about types of pavers and costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Brick/Stone Patio?

Brick patio repairs usually cost one thousand dollars or more, depending upon the situation and extent of the damage. A complete patio replacement will cost more while replacing just the damaged and failing sections will be cheaper. A big chunk of the total cost goes to labor since repairing an entire patio involves a lot of time and effort. Most patio repairs range from $5 – $12 per square foot.

However, it is important to know that every project is unique! So feel free to call us at 410-498-5498 to speak with one of our expert contractors about your project. 

How We Get Your Deck Repair Project Started

Each repair project is unique, but the same actions can be taken to spruce your backyard up if it has fallen into disrepair.  For projects such as these, we recommend turning to the professionals at National Deck Builders Baltimore, since we have access to materials and products that aren’t sold in normal retail stores. And since we are a commercial client for many of these vendors, we can negotiate better pricing – and these savings will get passed to you as well. 

Matching Your Bricks

colored brick patio

Holland Stone patios are the most common brick patios in the made by the oldest companies in brick paver manufacturing, Paveloc and Unilock. Nowadays, homeowners can choose from various brick manufacturers who offer a wide range of bricks in their catalogs. 

As your trusted expert in brick patio repair, we can identify the kind of bricks in your patio and look for a distributor that sells them. We can help you quickly match up your bricks during your patio repair project.

Choosing the Right Materials

material storage facility

Not all home improvement projects are DIY-friendly. Most of our brick patio repair projects are due to low-quality materials used by our clients. They usually use brick purchased from local home improvement stores, made from a mix containing more sand than concrete. Although cheaper, the quality of these bricks is subpar. Let the technical work to the experts and prevent your brick patio repair project from going horribly wrong.

Fixing Old Brick Discoloration

brick that needs washed

Most people think that brick pavers discolor due to fading in the sun. In reality, bricks do not fade. The discoloration is due to the soil and dust covering the brick surface. Transform your brick patio simply by power washing your outdoor space.

If you don’t have a power washing (or you don’t feel like doing it), make us your choice for your patio project in Baltimore. We are happy to help!

Re-Finishing Wooden Decks and Patios

deck being refinished

Wood (and other materials) however, can suffer from discoloration.  Usually it is caused by weathering due to the changing weather year-round.  One way we fix old decks that are suffering from discoloration is to re-finish them.

We first sand the deck down to wood, removing all the old paint and stain. We then prep the surface and re-finish the wood with the correct waxes, sealants, and stains so that your deck will be as good as new!

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Turn to a reputable deck and patio repair contractor like National Deck Builders Baltimore for advice on how to keep your outdoor space in tiptop shape. If you have inquiries, feel free to call us today! We are excited to bring your deck or patio back to life!