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We make sure our new deck and porch installations are durable and stand the test of summers and winters in Baltimore.  Read why it is a great idea to give your outdoor space a makeover, and how we can make it happen.

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To get your project off the ground, we’ll schedule an initial appointment to discuss your potential project. Expect that we’ll talk about your goals, budget, scope, and design ideas you want to see in your home. Once the design and project plan are finalized, we will move forward with the process and help you get your remodel started right away.

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Why Add A Deck Or Patio To Your Home?

Most often when we think of decks, we picture barbecue parties, epic cookouts, awesome game nights, and other fun activities. A deck is a place where we get together with family and friends, enjoy the outdoors, and create long-lasting memories. While decks are a perfect spot for your enjoyment, it’s important that you plan this outdoor project the right way to make your investment worthwhile. 

Exterior remodels can be challenging and messy, but don’t let the stress get in the way of your dream home. Here at National Deck Builders Baltimore, we can make a huge difference to your home with just a few easy upgrades. Our mission is to make remodeling easier than you imagined. We achieve this by employing a process focused on collaboration and communication. 

If you’re considering installing a deck onto your home, read below to learn about the benefits you may not be aware of. 

You Will Increase Your Home’s Square Footage

Exterior projects like an outdoor deck will not just maximize space but also boost your home’s curb appeal. Instead of increasing the actual square footage, you can simply spruce up your backyard and expand your home’s livable space without having to move.

If you are planning to build a 20×20 square foot room addition, you will have to spend an average of $32,000 to $80,000, according to HomeAdvisor. Meanwhile, the average cost to add a professionally-built deck of the same size is only $20,000 or less. Both projects expand the square footage of your home, but the deck addition is definitely a more affordable and worthy investment.

You Will Recoup the Deck Installation Costs

Wondering if a deck installation can help you get good ROI? The answer is yes! According to Remodeling magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value report, adding a deck with railings and a built-in bench will likely improve your home’s value before selling. In fact, deck addition is the fourth most valuable home improvement project for homeowners.

The report suggests that a wood deck costing about $13,333 will have an average resale value of $10,083, and as much as 75.6% of the initial cost can be recouped. Meanwhile, a composite deck addition that averagely costs $19,150 has a resale value of $13,232. This means that homeowners recoup 69.1% of the installation costs.

In choosing between a wood or composite deck, you need to remember that wood needs constant maintenance to look its best and make it last longer. Since the average cost to stain a deck is $700, a composite deck is more cost-effective in reducing maintenance expenses.


Although you likely won’t get 100% of your money back, a deck addition is still a good investment. Compared to a backyard patio with a recoup percentage of 55.2%, or a mid-range bathroom addition where you can only recoup 60.2% of the total cost, adding a deck to your home could be worth it in the future.

But What Type of Decking Is Best For Your Project?

Before you start your project, you first need to know the decking options available on the market. Decking materials vary in appearance, durability, maintenance requirements, and price. Here’s a brief guide to help you weigh the pros and cons of each type:

Wood Decking

wood and composite decks

The most common type of decking, pressure-treated wood decking has an authentic look and natural warmth to it. If you’re aiming for a rustic deck, this is perfect for you! Although wood is cheaper with a low price point of $200-$1,100 per 100 square feet, it can shrink and crack over time, so regular cleaning and restaining are required. You can opt for more expensive options like cedar, redwood, and tropical hardwoods if your budget permits.

Composite Decking

red composite

This durable, low-maintenance material is designed to look like natural wood without the need for staining. Made of recycled plastics and wood fibers, composites come in various colors and textures, so you don’t need to stain or paint them. However, some brands can be slippery, likely prone to mildew and fading, and quite expensive, ranging from $300 to $700 per 100 square feet.

Plastic Decking

plastic deck assembly

With PVC and polyethylene options, plastic decking has fade, stain, and mold-resistance properties. This material is lightweight, eco-friendly, and maintenance-free. While it has its benefits, plastic decking is too synthetic to look and feel like wood. With a price point of $525 to $1,200 per 100 square feet, it is not very durable and can get hotter during the summer.

Aluminum Decking

aluminum prep for porch

Priced at $500 per 100 square feet, aluminum decking is amazingly lightweight, durable, and slip-resistant. It also requires little maintenance since it is not vulnerable to infestation and other damages. Despite these benefits, aluminum decking has limited options when it comes to styles and colors. It can also be too loud to walk on, or even when it’s raining heavily.

Get Inspiration for Custom Deck Add-Ons Below

At National Deck Builders, we’re capable of outfitting your deck, porch, or other outdoor space exactly the way you picture it in your mind. Want a 50″ plasma TV mounted? We have you covered.  Need a stone firepit made to match your brick patio?  We can do all this and more.  Read below for some ideas, and feel free to ask our experts about other patio ideas you have!

Built-in Deck Seating

 Upgrade your outdoor deck with built-in benches and bars that define the edges of your deck and provide ample seating for your friends and family. On low-level decks, you can add L-shaped deck benches without backs for additional space and comfort. Maximize your space by turning your normal deck railing into a bar top without adding another set of tables.

Deck and Porch Coverings

Enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the sun and rain. Whether you want a classic pergola or a simple porch roof, you can keep your deck safe from harsh elements, create privacy, and add value and beauty to your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Living Accessories

For a more customized outdoor space, you can furnish your deck with the finest accessories. You can hang hammocks and patio swings where you and your guests can chill out and enjoy a lazy summer day or evening. Adding LED lighting, TV, and entertainment system can make your outdoor living space come alive. Nothing beats the cozy feeling a traditional wood-burning fire pit brings to your landscape, which can serve as a majestic centerpiece on your deck.

Built-in Spas or Pool Decks

Create your own outdoor oasis with a backyard swimming pool or hot tub. You can customize your deck and turn it into a private spa area with comfy chairs, massage tables, and a nearby grill area. Having your own poolscape enhances the aesthetics of your yard and lets you achieve that perfect at-home retreat

Multi-Level Decks

Transform your bland outdoor space by adding an extensive and sprawling multi-tiered deck. If your home has a downhill slope or limited space, you can install multiple deck levels for different purposes, such as grilling area, a play area, or a mini patio. This way, you can add architectural interest and creatively expand your deck beyond a simple single-level area.

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